#eye #eye

This is us.”

We are not alone.
We turn places into happenings.
Most of them real,
some of them digital.
Most of them temporary,
some of them forever.
This is just the beginning.

There is no masterplan.
We trust the process.
We cherish the surprise.
We like to experiment.

We don’t have guests but collaborators:
Artists, Scientists, Musicians, Yogis, Educators, Writers,
Children, Boxers, Designers, Social Entrepreneurs, Friends and Challengers.

Our style is: content.
We disrupt but we don’t destroy.
We treat children as grown-ups and grown-ups as children.
We make the invisible visible.
We don’t eat animals.

If we do it right, beauty, substance and compassion
will produce meaning.

Yes, it is all political – somehow.
And cultural. And social. And ecological.

Everything will be amazing!
For everyone.

You are welcome.