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“All Colors Are Beautiful”


The former Katzenberg concrete plant is becoming a creative destination as part of the art and culture project Sugar Mountain. The HAPPENING PLACE  functions as a creative experimental field and a neighborhood gettogether.

Inside the former factory the SUPER STRUCTURE is a venue for theater, music, dance, cultural festivals, contemporary art, film and much more.

The outdoor area will be made accessible and usable for all Munich residents. SKATE FIELD, Basketball ART YARD and the TABLE SPORTS ARENA  are offers to the neighborhood for participation and interaction.

MULTI CORES are event spaces with changing uses. There will be an open-air program for the entire duration of the project: sports, markets, cinema, festivals, concerts and more.

POP UP WALLS and LIVING SCULPTURES create even more space for interactive art experiences on the site.

Sugar Mountain is a "non-profit" project and wants to be a positive force in the context of urban development.

Opening May 2021 - 2024
Culture and Art Project, Hall, Open Air Event Space, Urban Space for Movement
20 - 7000 pax
Munich, Obersendling