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“The World’s First Pop-Up-Hotel.”

The Lovelace was not a business idea, it was an experiment: The first pop-up hotel in the world. A
large unused space. In the middle of Munich. Only for a limited time. 2017 – 2019. A chance to bring together exciting people and exciting ideas, acting as stage for things equally fun and important. We realized it in six months from scratch to finish.

With events everyday, what was going on was just as big a draw as the rooms: Exhibitions, performances, concerts, readings, happenings, showrooms, temporary shops, talks, discussions, conferences, coffeebar, kiosk, street kitchen, rooftop bar, club nights, parties, meetings, seminars, sorkshops and a box club.

2017 - 2019
5000 sqm.
30 Rooms
120.000 guests
1.500 events
Open for 16 months