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“Yes, It’s Vegan!”

Lost Weekend is a bookshop, vegan coffeebar, cultural event venue and co-working space, located downtown Munich in the university area. Moreover Lost Weekend always strives to give space to committed ideas and to enable visibility for young artists.

Lost Weekend was installed as a flagship of modern veganism: a gastronomy that does not constantly apologize or justify what it does - but one that establishes a new culture of the self-evident!

When we talk about the future of human-animal society, we are also talking about the future of society.
We talk about politics and what it means to be committed to others.
We talk about sustainability and what it means to take responsibility for your own actions.
We talk about democracy and what it means to be fair.

Lost Weekend, 2014 - 2019 
20 - 250 pax 

Munich, Maxvorstadt