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“I Am Here to Sing You Songs!”

In terms of its content, Freiheitshalle is the counterpart to Utopia: Where Utopia focuses on opera, art and theater, the main theme of Freiheitshalle is live music and concerts.

Freiheitshalle is the ideal place for first views: bands at the tipping point of their careers can be seen here for the first time before they become known to a larger audience. The architecture of the brick hall and the size - it offers space for 400 to 800 people - create a certain intimacy that turns concerts into an encounter with our most personal selves.

from April 2021
Concert Hall, Event Space
400 - 800 pax
Munich, Neuhausen

Information is not knowledge. knowledge is not wisdom. wisdom is not truth. truth is not beauty. beauty is not love. love is not music. music is the best.(Frank Zappa)